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The challenge being faced by today's education system  lies in enabling students  to translate their knowledge and skills into performance by matching them with the latest Technologies available  in today's world. It's therefore, imperative to ensure that these Leaders  of Tomorrow  has to be exposed to the quality Industrial Automation Education.

Keeping this in mind, BenTech Automation provide high quality methodologies that transform Engineers into Industrial Automation Professionals. We aim at PLC, SCADA, DCS, DRIVE automation training by creating a marked difference in performance through innovative  ideas  and professional training in a nutshell, seizing opportunities and offering from the best leading Industrial Software.  

BenTech Automation is an Engineering firm that offer the highest level of Training in the field of  Industrial Automation, Process control and also provide ISO 9001-2000 Consultancy for Automation companies.  Our reputation for Quality, Reliability and Affordability has been proven for our successful growth.        

When you choose BenTech  Automation you will be benefited from the Technical  experience of our senior Engineers and specialists in the field of Automation and Process control. 

The systematic approach and prompt action are sacred words to us. A dynamic team of Professionals, well updated on the latest developments in Factory & Process Automation is our greatest strength. As a continuous process we sharpen our skills and knowledge to upgrade the students for the present Technological trend of Industrial Automation.




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WHY  Bentech Automation ?

BenTech Automation Training Centre in Chennai is one of the best training school in India, conducting courses on various Industrial Automation subjects. Since from 2008, we have successfully conducted industrial Automation Training program and Seminars to many Colleges and Companies. The training center is well equipped with hardware and software  packages of various Leading manufacturers. The theory and practical classes are well backed up with hands-on assignments and also we send engineers to the factories for Real-Time exposure. We are equipped to conduct courses ranging from Basic to Advance training courses.

Programmable Logic Control - Introductory through Advanced training in the layout, wiring, programming, troubleshooting and implementation of PLCs in an industrial  environment, using hands on experimentation using real industrial PLCs and other industrial components such as: Sensors, Switches, Relays, Contactors, Valves, Motors, Pumps, to produce real programming experiments and control solutions.